The Egyptian and Ethiopia Renaissance dam (GERD) saga: The hydro-hegemonic dilemma and the Gulf factor

Aderru Janni (Independent writer and consultant in Water and Environment Issues), 1.         Nile and the GERD Context Ethiopia contributes over 85% the Nile flow. Egypt and Sudan share almost 100% of the Nile waters between them, as dictated by the infamous 1959 colonial era bilateral agreement. The rest of the 9 Nile basin countries including... Continue Reading →

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Ethiopia’s GERD will shift regional politics in many ways

By: Dejen Yemane Messele. (Lecturer of Law, Wollo University & PhD Student, Addis Ababa University, College of Law and Governance Studies) "Upon GERD’s completion and once it starts generating power, regional politics will essentially be shifted in many aspects."  Launching the GERD equals cutting the Gordian knot of the Nile Politics GERD is the national... Continue Reading →

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What Egypt, Ethiopia and Sudan (EES) could learn from SADC cooperation on trans-boundary water resources?

By: Berhanu F Alemaw, Ph.D., Professor and P.E. Water Resources Engineer. Semu Moges, Ph.D., P.E, Water Resource Consultant and Scientist, the Water-Energy-Food Nexus Team “Perhaps, the Nile is the only large river basin in the entire planet without inclusive framework agreement, legal and institutional regime for cooperative utilization of the basin. In addition, Nile is... Continue Reading →

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Why is now the right time to start the filling of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD)?

By: Essayas Kaba, Ph.D., Geospatial Scientist; Feyera Aga Hirpa, Ph.D., Flood Data Scientist; Semu Moges, Ph.D., P.E, Water Resource Scientist, The Water-Energy-Food Nexus Team Ethiopia is in preparation to commence the filling of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) in July 2020, the middle of the wet season across Ethiopian highlands. It is the right... Continue Reading →

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The way forward for tripartite Discussions on Ethiopia’s dam

Semu Moges (Ph.D., P.E.) argues Ethiopia, The Sudan and Egypt should immediately resuscitate the stalled tripartite diplomatic discussions on matters related to GERD. According to him, it is in the three countries' best interest to prioritize an agreement on issues pertaining to the filling of the Great Ethiopian Renaissance Dam. The Tripartite Discussions in Context... Continue Reading →

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