This discussion paper is prepared with inputs from many prominent individuals and groups in Ethiopia and abroad. A preliminary survey in which 556 participants took part shows 67.6% support the proposed international campaign. This discussion document is shared with the public to foster discussion by all stakeholder at home and abroad. The purpose is not to form a new organization. To contact author, Email:[email protected]

Is Abiy Ahmed’s Economic Policy Leading Ethiopia Towards Prosperity or Poverty?

During the past 5 years, Abiy’s approach to economic policy— Abiynomics— has demonstrably proven to be non-strategic, misaligned, confused, and socioeconomically ruinous.  First, the principal strategic error is the abrupt shift in economic policy from the robust industrial parks policy that aimed to develop and strengthen manufacturing and industry in Ethiopia, to Abiy’s hodgepodge initiatives spanning cosmetic construction projects, agricultural initiatives, and mass privatization…

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Why European Union’s decision to release long held economic aid to Ethiopia’s rogue regime is wrong?

On October 3rd, 2023, the European Union (EU) dithered and officially backed the dictatorship of Abiy Ahmed in Ethiopia.  No matter what preconditions were put forth by the continental body, it is now clear that EU has turned its back on citizens seeking justice and accountability over the horrific two-year long civil war in Northern Ethiopia, and the ongoing civil war that Abiy is waging against the Amhara.  More broadly, the EU’s decision is a grave disservice to Ethiopians across the country.

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Abiy Ahmed’s incompetence and his zero-sum approach to governance

Unfortunately, Abiy is the only Nobel Prize for Peace laureate that is not a peace maker. Indeed, his intransigence and maniacal reliance on military force is leading to further gross human rights violations and impending humanitarian catastrophe once more.  More broadly, while injuries in the form of war crimes, ethnic cleansing, and genocide mount in Ethiopia at the hands of Abiy; benefits for the lives, livelihoods and well-being of citizens are nowhere to be found. 

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How Abiy’s Tyranny, Failed Leadership, and the Persecution of Amharas Caused the Latest War in Ethiopia?

For close and discerning observers of Ethiopian politics, it is increasingly evident that Abiy’s principal objective is power consolidation through the complete disarmament and demobilization of the Amhara regional forces and by extension the Amhara region— a force and region that he fears is a threat to his authoritarian inclinations.  Unsurprisingly, the haphazard and unjust policy decree has been met with a widespread popular resistance movement and insurgency throughout the Amhara region.  Amharas view the deployment of federal forces into the region as an attempt to subjugate the people and the region to the whims of Abiy and his Oromo Prosperity Party; while at the same time, exposing the region and its people to security threats emanating from other armed groups, namely the TPLF, Oromo special forces, and Oromo Liberation Army.

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Open Letter to WB and IMF from two Former Members of Ethiopia’s ‘Economic Advisory Council’

By way of introduction, the writers of this letter were members of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s Economic Advisory Council, until our resignation. One of us was Deputy Global Manager of the ICP that is housed in the World Bank and cosponsored by many international agencies including the IMF. We write with a reasonably sufficient knowledge of the Ethiopian Government and your institutions.

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