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Open Letter to Secretary of U.S. State Department Antony Blinken

The current position taken by the US administration is very  dangerous and  emboldening the remnants of the terrorist group and further fueling the conflict and the suffering of the people in Northern Ethiopia. It is also promoting unending inter-ethnic conflicts between Tigray and the rest of Ethiopia with devastating and unfathomable consequences for the subregion.

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How the Ethiopian Grand Renaissance Dam (GERD) Reveals Sudan’s and Egypt’s Deeply Seated Anti- Blackness

Sudan and Egypt’s cynical attempts to pressurize Ethiopia using different tactics to relinquish its dream of completing the GERD is unacceptable. It is high time that Egypt and Sudan realize that Africans in the continent and the diaspora are cautiously monitoring their disrespect to AU-led negotiation processes. If they do not refrain from their belligerent acts, they will risk significant sociopolitical crisis and ultimately Africans may come to terms with the reality that they indeed stand against anti-development aspirations of the continent’s poor states.

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The test of time for UNSC to promote justice, equity and rectify the unjust practices in the transboundary water resources utilization

Notes by the editor: On July 6th, 2021, Ethiopia notified its Egyptian and Sudanese counterparts on the start of the second filling of the massive hydroelectric power project known as Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD). While Egypt has “categorically rejected” Ethiopia’s move, the latter has insisted that such infrastructure project is designed to benefit majority Ethiopians without access to electricity and being constructed in good faith; therefore, it will not be affecting future water flow and sharing to the lower riparian states. The issue is now tabled for discussion at the UNSC in an extraordinary meeting called by Sudan. Many independent observers contend that the UN body has no mandate or expertise to host a meeting of this nature.

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