East – Africanist (eastafricanist.com)  is an initiative to promote and increase public scholarship across Ethiopian and East African higher institutions of learning. Although academic institutions in the region and their scholars produce quality research and publications, efforts at public scholarship are significantly low in comparison to other regions. In particular, much attention should be given to public scholarship in Ethiopia, where it remains undeveloped. 
      By using this platform, scholars from Ethiopia and the region could now introduce their research findings and what they are working on to the public, policy makers and their peers by writing short (800-1200 words) articles, opinion pieces, explainers  and even research announcements. Therefore, East Africanist encourages Ethiopia’s and the region’s scholars to use our free mentoring and coaching, editing, and publishing  services and utilize our platform to share your new research.
For any inquiries, please email us at: [email protected]

East Africanist Team