Free Press Unlimited with the support of the United States Embassy in Ethiopia is launching a project: Fund for Emerging Media in Ethiopia (FEME).


What is the fund for?
FEME supports new, independent media organizations interested in building their professional capacity and technical skills. The fund will aim at strengthening media organizations and enable them to produce professional, fact-based and unbiased information on political and economic reforms during the country´s democratic transition. FEME will also support eligible organizations in need of audiovisual and other equipment including internet service which will directly contribute to the organizations goals.

Who is eligible to apply for the fund?
Registered private Ethiopian media organizations that are currently operating including print, online, television and radio.

What kind of support is available?
FEME has restricted funds available for select media organizations in 2019. The funds will go to service contracts for professional capacity building, technical support and equipment on a need bases.

How much can I request?
Applicants are allowed to request for a maximum amount of 5,000 USD for equipment and technical support. Capacity building will be provided on an approval basis directly through Free Press Unlimited and the U.S Embassy.

How will organizations be selected?
Proposals will be assessed on the following criteria:
• Eligibility
• Quality of content currently produced by the media organization
• Request for support is realistic, feasible
• A clear plan on how the support will be integrated into the organization and contribute to its sustainability
• A clear business plan on how the support will enable the organization to produce professional, fact-based and ethical information on political reforms
• How innovative is the organization and its request for support

What happens if I am selected?
If your application is selected, you will be contacted for an interview to discuss your proposal further. The selection committee may suggest changes to your request for support. If an agreement can be made, the selected organization will receive a contract detailing the terms and conditions of the support. Finally, the agreed upon requested support will be provided.

How can I apply?
Simply download the Application Form and send it to [email protected] by January 6, 2019.