We, at Council on East African Relations are scholars who specialize on East African politics, history, economy, development, laws of all States in the region and so much more. By relying on EastAfricanist.com’s participatory platform, we strive to provide latest updates, expert consultations and council on everything East Africa to governments, NGOs, businesses and individuals that needs them. Moreover, by closely following on the regions’ extremely changing political environment, we provide our general and specific assessments on opportunities and potential risks to our customers at large.

Our goals are serving the region by empowering its educated children and pave the way for an emergence of East Africa that is peaceful, developed, well-connected and a region that uses its potential to the maximum.

To that end, our doors for collaboration are wide open. Thus, if you are an East-Africanist expert on any topic, we will be glad to have a place for you.  As our affiliate, we would provide the necessary mentoring and training to get the best out of your expertise. We are also open for suggestions and ideas for further cooperation. Just reach us via email at: [email protected], and express your interest so we could immediately work to  have you aboard as our affiliated member, supporter and customer. Together, we can help East Africans achieve their lifelong dreams: peaceful co-existence, growth and development and the ability to use resources in a fair and just manner. We at Council on East African Relations believe that such goals will be possible with the creation of inter-dependent, and highly integrated East Africa that has the utmost respect to individual states’ national sovereignties.

Team East-Africanist